Cross Country (US) Trip
12,000 miles in 1 month.
This is my story of buying a used motorcycle, falling in love with riding, and then deciding to take a once in a lifetime trip after I sold my first independent home renovation.
Objective: Go to some places that I've always wanted to.  I wanted to take the road less traveled; therefore I avoided the interstate/highway systems nearly the entire way, deciding rather to take twisty rural roads (I was on a Ducati, after all) to my many ever-changing destinations along the way.

My main goal was to travel towards the southwest since I've always been curious as to what it's like.

Lets get started...

Vehicle of Choice (and my learners motorcycle):
2000 Ducati 900 SS i.e.
Engine: 2 Cylinder Desmodromic
Transmission:  6 speed transmission
Clutch: DRY

Carbon Fibre Engine Close-Up


May 2011

To begin my trip, I first had to make it south through Bedford and the rest of rural Kentucky.  This is a picture of my camp on the very first night of my expedition.  The location of this primitive camp was deep in the woods of the Red River Gorge south of Louisville Kentucky.

Slade, KY

Kentucky to North Carolina

The very beginning of the Blue Ridge Mountains

Local Wildlife 

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