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HVAC (Cooling)

This is the rehab of 2 swamp coolers.
On this side we have a side by side evaporative/tank combo

The tank side that holds water and an evap assembly was rusted out and needed replacement.  Also, there were only 2 wires going into an electrical breaker box, which had to be rewired.


In this column we have a combined tank, cooler, blower, electrical setup.  It was not working at all.  After many trips to the plumbing store, it got a new water pump, lines, and wood wool excelsior pads.  Also, the previous electrician had wired this piece of equipment via an extension cord, so rewiring was necessary.

View 2 (with  brand new tank for other cooler in view)

View 3 Other side


View 2

The cooler was removed and a hole was made into the roof so a damper could be fitted, reducing drafts the right way.